HH Bhaktivinod Maharaj Visiting Perth


Dear Devotees & Friends,

HH Bhaktivinod Maharaj will be visiting Perth from Sunday 10 April tillTuesday 12 April. Maharaj is much loved for his clear and exciting presentation of Krishna consciousness, with a touch of down to earth practicality and humor. Having spent his school years in Bangalore, and then moving on to REC Trichi and IIT Mumbai, Maharaja relates to us how he met the devotees in Mumbai, and his experience since then in the Hare Krishna movement.

Program details 
Maharaj will be giving following classes at the temple
Sunday 10 April                                –  5:00 PM    Sunday Feast class
Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 April         –  7:30 PM    Seminar  “Association in Krsna Consciousness – Sadhu sanga
Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 April         –  7:30 AM    Srimad Bhagavatam class

Please come and take his association.

For more information please contact Sita Rama Lakshmana dasa (0422 045 525)

Hare Krishna

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Chaitanya Charan Das Visiting Perth

HG Chaitanya Charan Das Perth Visit V3

Chaitanya Charan Das Visiting Perth This Weekend!

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that Chaitanya Charan Das, a senior brahmacari preacher from ISKCON Pune, will be speaking at Kalamunda Hare Krishna Temple this weekend.

Sometimes known as “The Spiritual Scientist”, Chaitanya Charan is expert at bridging the gap between ancient spiritual wisdom and modern Western thought. He is the author of numerous books, and his articles have been published in leading newspapers including Indian Express, Economic Times and Times of India in the Speaking Tree column.

He is a member of ISKCON’s leading intellectual body, the Shastric Advisory Council, and he is also an associate-editor of ISKCON’s global magazine, Back to Godhead.

With deep sastric understanding and probing spiritual insight, Chaitanya Charan presents the knowledge of Krishna Consciousness as the ultimate solution for the challenges and struggles of modern life.

Join us at the temple this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for evening discourses with Chaitanya Charan Das.

For more information you can visit Chaitanya Charan Prabhu’s website here.

Chaitanya Charan Das in Perth

Friday April 1 & Saturday April 2 7.30pm
Kalamunda Hare Krishna Temple

Beware Of The Temptation To Punish(Analysis of Aswatthama’s actions)

Sunday April 3 Sunday Feast Lecture
Kalamunda Hare Krishna Temple

“Is God’s love unconditional” – BG9.31

For more information, contact
Acyuta Seva das 0470 758 214
Sri Radha Raman das 0490 022 383

Hare Krishna

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Maha Harinam – Saturday 12th March

Hare Krishna Dear Devotees and Friends,
We are pleased to invite you all  for the special occasion this year of Iskcon’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations founded by HDG Srila Prabhupada. Second Maha Harinam of the Year 2016, this Saturday 12th March from the corner of James and William Street in Northbridge next to Govindas Restaurant at 1.00 pm.



START TIME    :  1.00 PM
FINISH TIME   :  2.00 PM


Please join us, bring your family and friends and partake in glorifying the Lord by helping reawaken a person to his spiritual identity and existence by chanting and dancing to the Hare Krishna Mahamantra.In this age of Kali we have forgotten our real identity as spiritual beings, as part and parcel of Krishna. Krishna’s holy names are endowed with all of His potencies and this sound vibration can reawaken a person to his spiritual identity and existence.Please join us,  plant the seed of bhakti as per Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s instructions and get blessings from Mahaprabhu. There will be free prasadam available after the Harinaam Party at Govindas Restaurant.
Note:- Please confirm your presence by calling on any one of the following number.

Bhakt Akshay Puri (0401 414 172)
Stoka Krishna das (0401 843 690)

Hare Krishna



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Kirtan with Madhava

Kirtan with Madhava

Returning to WA!
Join us in March for some exciting kirtan events with special guests Bhanu Swami and  Madhava.

The Culture of Kirtan
Three Evenings exploring the ancient tradition of kirtan. 
Kalamunda Hare Krishna Temple
Wed Thurs Fri   March 9-11

Kirtan with Madhava
Inspirational kirtan with Madhava!   Free Event!    All Welcome!
Bendat Community Centre
Sunday March 13
4.30- 8.30pm

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Maha Harinam – 30th January 2016

Maha Harinam poster

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