Janmashtami – Appearance Day of Lord Krishna

Janmastami Final V6

Janmashtami Celebration: 13th & 15th August

You are cordially invited to ISKCON Perth’s biggest festival of the year – JANMASHTAMI – Appearance Day of Dear Lord Krishna.

A two day event with lots of fun-filled activities, sharing and remembering pasttimes of Lord Krishna. Ecstatic Kirtan, Krishna Katha, Maha Abhishek, Cultural Dance, Drama and Lots more.

Event Schedule is as follows:
Sunday 13th August 2017
4:00pm – Kirtan
5:30pm – Culture Performance
7:30pm- Arati & Kirtan
7:00pm onwards- Sunday Love Feast

Tuesday 15th August 2017
5:00pm  –  Kirtan
6:00pm  –  Krishna Katha – HG Bhurijana Prabhu
7:00pm  –  Arati
8:30pm  –  Abhishek
10:30pm – Kirtan till midnight

Note: Actual Janmashtami Day is 15th August.

Donations for Janmashtami

If you wish to offer a donation or contribute towards Janmashtami celebrations, you can donate to the temple using this online feature or directly at the temple office. All payments online is conducted securely. During the payment process, please include your mobile number & email address. This will help us send you a payment confirmation by email. Should there be a technical difficulty in using the buttons below, kindly contact to this email id: govindasinperth@gmail.com


$5001 – Janmastami Grain Feast
$4001 – Janmastami Marque Set
$3001 – Janmastami Ekadashi Feast
$3001 – Janmastami Special Event
$2001 – Janmastami Dieties Dress
$2001 – Janmastami Lighting
$1001 – Srila Prabhupad Vyasa Puja Feast
$1001 – Janmastami Maha Abhishek
$1001 – Janmastami Temple Decoration
$1001 – Janmastami Flowers Decoration
$551 – Janmashtami Cake
$501 – Janmashtami Midnight Arati
$501 – Janmashtami Raj Bhoga
$301 – Srila Prabhupad 50 th Anniversary Vyas Puja Cake
$251 – Janmashtami Mangala (Morning) Arati
$251 – Janmashtami Sringar Arati
$251 – Janmashtami Breakfast Offering
$251 – Janmashtami Gaura (Evening) Arati
$201 – Janmashtami Fruits Offering
$151 – Janmashtami Mangal Sweets
$101 – Janmashtami Tulasi Arati
Any Sponsorship

Janmastami Sponsorship



Only LEFT turn from Canning Road into the Temple will be permitted. Therefore, for vehicles coming from Welshpool Road, continue on Lesmurdie Road from the roundabout at the intersection of Lesmurdie Road and Canning Road. Take a LEFT turn on WILKINS Road. Then take a LEFT on PAULINE AVENUE to then turn LEFT on to CANNING ROAD. Then you can turn LEFT into the Hare Krishna Iskcon Perth – Sri Sri Gaura Nitai Temple
Only LEFT turn leaving the temple will be permitted on to the Canning Road.
Remember NO RIGHT TURN is permitted into and out of temple premises.

– Only limited RESERVED parking is available on site
– NO parking will be allowed on site without a valid permit
– ‘Drop off’ facility can be availed on the premises
– Free Shuttles run from the temple to nearby parking locations every 15 minutes

For more information or volunteering at the festival or donating for the festival contact: 

Sita Rama Lakshmana Das – 0422
Aksara Narsimha Das – 0416 819
Syama Sarana Das – 0439 969 002
Sumedhavi Radharani Devi Dasi – 0412 840 504