When : 17th & 18th August

Time : All day, with special extended darshans (audiences of the Lord) and midnight feast


Sunday 17th August
4.00 pm Kirtan
4.30 pm Sunday School Drama
5.00 pm Lecture
6.00 pm Sunday School Kirtan
6.20 pm Announcements
6.30 pm Gaura-arati/Kirtan
7.15 pm Nrsimha -arati
7.00 pm Prasada

Monday 18th August
5.30 pm Tulasi arati
5.45 pm Youth kirtan
6.00 pm Kirtana
6.30 pm Gaura-arati
7.00 pm Announcements
7.10 pm Dance: Madhurastakam
7.20 pm Dance Bharat-natyam
7.30 pm Drama
7.55 pm Announcements
8.00 pm Lecture by HG Bhurijana prabhu
9.00 pm Kirtan
9.30 pm Abhishek & kirtans
12.00 pm Arati
12.30 Prasada

Festival prasada served from 7.00 pm.

Who can come : Everyone !

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, although the most powerful being in all of existence, does take the time to descend to Earth for the purpose of re-installing righteous behaviour, uphold religion and protect His dear most devotees. Although, through His powers He can fix the problem without taking too much endeavour, in order to maintain the established Universal maintenance structure and to please His devotees, He personally comes down in many of His avatars. He appeared in the Holy city of Mathura (North India), 5000 years ago and is one of the most important events in the religious calendar.


Donations for Janmastami

If you wish to offer a donation or contribute towards Janmashtami celebrations, you can donate to the temple using this online feature or directly at the temple office. All payments online is conducted securely. During the payment process, please include your mobile number & email address. This will help us send you a payment confirmation by post & email. Should there be a technical difficulty in using the buttons below, kindly donate to this Paypal email id: govindasinperth@gmail.com

$15,001 Sponsorship of complete Janmastami festival
$5001 Sponsorship of Evening Feast Prasadam
$2001 Sponsorship of Midnight Ekadasi Prasadam
$1001 New deity dress
$1201 Sponsorship of Flowers
$501 Sponsorship of Lord Sri Krishna’s Birthday cake
$151 Sponsorship of Brass Kalash for Abhishek
$251 Sponsorship of Pure Silver Cup for Abhishek
$501 Sponsorship of Pure Silver Kalash for or Special water feature!!
$1001 Sponsorship of Srila Prabhupada vyasapuja Feast on 30 August
$251 Sponsorship of Srila Prabhupada vyasapuja cake
$151 Sponsorship of Srila Prabhupada’s abishek
$201 Sponsorship of Srila Prabhupada’s flowers
$251 Sponsorship of Srila Prabhupada’s new dress
Any Sponsorship

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