HH Bhaktivinod Maharaj Visiting Perth


Dear Devotees & Friends,

HH Bhaktivinod Maharaj will be visiting Perth from Sunday 10 April tillTuesday 12 April. Maharaj is much loved for his clear and exciting presentation of Krishna consciousness, with a touch of down to earth practicality and humor. Having spent his school years in Bangalore, and then moving on to REC Trichi and IIT Mumbai, Maharaja relates to us how he met the devotees in Mumbai, and his experience since then in the Hare Krishna movement.

Program details 
Maharaj will be giving following classes at the temple
Sunday 10 April                                –  5:00 PM    Sunday Feast class
Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 April         –  7:30 PM    Seminar  “Association in Krsna Consciousness – Sadhu sanga
Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 April         –  7:30 AM    Srimad Bhagavatam class

Please come and take his association.

For more information please contact Sita Rama Lakshmana dasa (0422 045 525)

Hare Krishna

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