HH Prahladananda Swami Maharaj Visiting Perth 23 Jan – 31 Jan

HH Prahladnanda Swami 2017-page-001Dear Devotees & Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that HH Prahladananda Swami Maharaj will be visiting Perth from Monday 23 Jan till Tuesday 31 Jan.

HH Prahladananda Swami Maharaj is a very senior disciple of HDG Srila Prabhupada. He is also the Health minister, Sanyasa minister and GBC member. He visits Perth regularly and well versed in the vedic scriptures. Maharaj will be giving the Classes on the following days

  • Srimad Bhagavatam Class
    • Tuesday 24 Jan – Tuesday 31 Jan
      • 7.30am
  • Sunday Feast Class
    • Sunday 29 Jan
      • 5pm
  • Evening seminar on Vaishnava Etiquette
    • Tuesday 24 Jan – Monday 30 Jan
      • 7.30pm

For more information please call Sitaram Lakshmana Prabhu on 0422 045 525

Hare Krishna

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