World Holy Name Week 2017

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Govardhan Puja And Diwali Festivals – Sunday 22 October 2017

Dear Devotees & Friends,

We would like to invite you all for GOVARDHAN PUJA and DIWALI CELEBRATION on Sunday 22nd October 2017.

PROGRAM: (Please note time change).
11.00 am Kirtan
11.30 am Class by HG Sitaram Lakshmana Das on the Pastimes of Sri Giri Govardhan and The Lifting of Govardhan Hill
12.30 pm  Bhajan by ISKCON Devi Group
12.50 pm  Offering Gifts and Announcements
13.00 pm  Circumambulate Hill
13.15 pm  Offering Lamps and  Damodarastakam
13.30 pm  Honoring Prasadam
14.30 pm  Clean-up

Sponsorship Opportunities: 
Opulent Maha Feast – $701.00
Govardhana Hill – $501.00
Flowers and decorations – $201.00
Deity Outfits – $301.00

For the pleasure of Lord Giriraja we would like to request all devotees who are vegetarian and following 4 regulative principles, to cook your signature dish (Cup Cakes or Dry Sweets) at home and bring it to be offered to Lord. As Lord Giriraj asked for more and more (Anayor! Anayor!) during the past time, We can try to satisfy Krsna by cooking our best with humble and sincere hearts.

A humble request:
“Drivers, please be aware of children and drive safely on temple grounds. Parents, please ensure children are supervised at all times.”

Sitaram Lakshmana Das – (0422 045 525)
Krishna Kumar Prabhu    – (0414 941 214)
Syama Sarana Das         –  (0439 969 002)

Attend such a wonderful feast and receive the Lord’s mercy of full spiritual benefits with Kirtan, Arati and Spiritual Discourse.

Hare Krishna



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Disciples Course – Sat 4th, 11th &18th Nov

Dear Devotees & Friends

We are pleased to inform you that the Disciples Course, which is a training program, will be conducted during November for the benefit of all those who intend to take shelter of a Guru for their spiritual success. This course will help to deepen your understanding of Guru-tattva and Gurupadasraya within the multiple guru culture of ISKCON.

Devotees are advised and encouraged to complete the Disciple Course before selecting a diksa-guru and is highly recommended for leaders and preachers in ISKCON. It is a mandatory course for all devotees accepting first or second initiation.

The course fee of $25 covers the cost of handbook and other related materials for conducting the course.

Please see the attached poster for further details. Enrolment closes on 1st November 2017.

Your well wishers

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Kartika Month – Damodar Program 2017


Hare Krishna Dear All,

5th October marks the beginning of a very special and auspicious month of the year – Kartika month. The month of Kartik is also called Damodara month.

In this sacred month, puja, giving in charity, bathing in the Yamuna and all other religious activities are much greater than at other times of the year.

The month of Kartika is the best of all months, and it is in this month that many special festivals like Dhan-Teras, Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Bhai Duj, Tulsi Vivaah and various others take place.

Following are excerpts from some scriptures (Puranas) describing the glory of the pious Kartik month:
“If somebody performs even a little worship of Lord Shri Hari in this month, He offers that devotee His own abode.”
“If somebody burns a lamp in the temple of Lord Shri Hari even for a short time (in the month of Kartik), then whatever sins, he has acquired for millions of kalpas (one kalpa equals 1000 yugas) are all destroyed.”
“O Narada! I have personally seen that a person who happily reads the Bhagavad Gita in the month of Kartik does not return to the world of birth and death.”
“Of all gifts, the gift of a lamp during the month of Kartik is the best. No gift is its equal.”
“The pious result obtained by bathing in all holy places and giving all charities is not equal to one ten-millionth part of the result obtained by following the vow of Kartik.”

So to make this month extra special for you all are bringing to you at the convenience of your house a beautiful Damodara Program, in which you can participate in performing a worship of Lord Krishna together with your family and friends at your home.

This program is ISKCON Perth’s initiative to spread the mercy of Lord Krishna to as many households as possible. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and hold a Damodara Program at your house, please give us a call as soon as possible on any of the numbers below or send an email to –

Sita Rama Laksman das – 0422 045 525
Krsna Chaitanya Nitai das – 0416 632 619

A typical Damodara program lasts 30 minutes (unless someone wants extra Kirtan) and it includes a brief description of Kartik month and its glories, recitation of Damodarashtakam and offering of the lamps to Lord Damodara, singing the glories of Lord Hari.

We will bring everything that is needed for the program, the only arrangement you need to make from your end is to book a time with us!

Wish you all a very happy, prosperous and blissful Kartika month. May you all get great opportunities to make the most out this most auspicious month.

Your well wishers

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HG Gaur Gopal Das Visiting Perth

Dear Prabhus & Matajis,

Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We are pleased to inform you that HG Gaur Gopal Das will be visiting Perth.

Program Schedule
Srimad Bhagavatam
7.30am Sunday 1st October

Kirtan and Talk by HG Gaur Gopal Prabhu 
6pm Monday 2nd October
* Dinner prasadam served after class

HG Gaur Gopal Das qualified as an Electrical Engineer over 22 years ago, having studied at the College Of Engineering, Pune. After a brief stint with Hewlett-Packard, he decided to upgrade his career to be a monk and life coach. HG Gaur Gopal Das has been speaking at various prestigious colleges in India and Globally for over 2 decades. He has been very actively involved in guiding leading doctors and medical professionals across the globe. Corporate firms like Infosys, Barclays, Bank of America, EY, Ford, Macintosh have not been an exception in his areas of continual help and guidance.  HG Gaur Gopal Das also regularly visits the members of the Rotary Club and. Lions Club for talks and guides various top ranking celebrities and corporate leaders. He has also spoken at several TEDx events. During his recent visit to London, he was invited to give a talk at the British Parliament.

For any information please contact
Stoka Krishna Das – 0401 843 690
Padma Radha Mataji – 0449 169 909

Hare Krishna

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