We are pleased to announce that we will be able to perform “Samskaras” or purificatory ceremonies at the Hare Krishna temple Perth. The Vedic literatures describe that there are many opportunities during one’s life – from before birth to after death – when one may perform a ceremony for purification to evoke auspiciousness and ensure advancement in spiritual life.
Samskara is not a substitute for the regulative principles of spiritual life as enunciated by Srila Prabhupada. However, in conjunction with these principles, performance of samskara guarantees eventual perfection in life. Many of the samskaras offerred are more beneficial if performed at an astrologically auspicious time. The pujari or priest at the temple will be able to advise you suitable or auspicious time.
Some of the Samskaras include :
1. Niskramana : When a child leaves the house for the first time
2. Pausti-Karma : Ceremony to protect child’s health
3. Anna-Prasana : Feeding a child grains for the first time
4. Cudu-Karnam : Hair-cutting ceremony
5. Vidyarambha : Entering school
6. Samavartana : Graduation
7. Vivaha : Marriage Ceremony
8. Griha-Ramba : Laying a foundation stone
9. Griha-Pravesa : House warming
10. Havan or Fire sacrifice ceremony for auspiciousness
11. House program : Chanting the holy name for auspiciousness
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