Covid Relaxation

Hare Krishna

Further to the announcement made by WA Premier on Thursday 6th May, please be advised that ISKCON Perth Temple is open for visitors.

However, we still must continue maintaining our healthy habits as a precaution and recommended social distancing of 2m2 rule limit. All are welcome to visit Temple to take darshan and attend morning and evening arati at 7Am and 7Pm every day. Updates on upcoming festivals will be notified in the coming days.

You are welcome to visit the Temple, but please follow these guidelines when visiting:

  1. Check in with WA Safe App or on the register provided
  2. Maintain good hand hygiene at all times.

These requirements are applicable from 12:01 AM on Saturday 8th May until further announcement from the State Government. For most up to date information, please visit:

We thank you for your support and cooperation in implementing these guidelines during this pandemic. Let us all pray to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai & Sri Radha & Krishna to send us all and our families around the world, good health and courage to move on from these challenging times.

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Quarterly Newsletter- ISKCON Perth New Temple & Community Centre Project

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Sri Rama Navami Festival – Wed, 21 April 2021

Dear Devotees and Friends,

We would like to invite you all to the celebration of Sri Rama Navami (The appearance day of Lord Ramchandra ) on Wednesday 21st April 2021.

Please note all patrons visiting the temple must have a booking on Eventbrite. Due to statutory commitments and in the interest of public safety no walk-ins are allowed.

Please make the online booking via the following link:

You can still watch the event online,  If you miss out on prior booking. The whole event will be broadcasted live and if you are joining us online please use the link below:

Festival Program: 
5: 00pm – Kirtan
5.30pm – Class on Lord Ramachandra’s Glorious Pastimes 
6.30pm – Rama Bhajans
6.55pm – Offering Gifts and Announcements
7:00pm  – Arati
7.15pm – Prasadam

Please note:
No Abhishek 

Many offerings are made to Sri Lord Rama on this day. We welcome donations, gifts and bhoga offering from all patrons.

Sponsorship Opportunities  
Tulasi Arati                 –  $101.00
Mangala Arati             –  $151.00
Raj Bhoga Offering    –  $ 251.00
Cake                           –  $ 251.00
Fruit Offering             –  $ 151.00
Gaura Arati                –  $ 251.00
Hall Decorations        –  $ 351.00
Flowers                      –  $ 501.00
Feast                           –  $ 1001.00
Whole festival            –  $ 3001.00

If you would like to sponsor the festival or help in any service, please contact:
Krishna Chaitanya Dasa / Subha Sudevi Devi Dasi – 0416 632 619
Syama Sarana Dasa – 0439 969 002
Sitarama Lakshman Dasa – 0422 045 525

A humble request:
“Drivers, please be aware of children and drive safely on temple grounds. Parents, please ensure children are supervised at all times.”

Hare Krishna

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Gaura Purnima Festival, Sunday 28 March 2021

Dear Devotees and Friends,

You are cordially invited to Sri Gaura Purnima Festival at Sri Sri Gaura Nitai Temple, Kalamanda, Perth on Sunday  28 March 2021.

Gaura Purnima is the appearance day of Lord Caitanya. Lord Caitanya is the Supreme Personality, Krishna, appearing as His own worshiper. He is the combined form of Krishna and Krishna’s most dear devotee, Srimati Radharani. He came to experience the love she feels for Him, and to show by example how to fully surrender to Krishna.

It has been brought to our attention that the Eventbrite link sent yesterday isn’t working, please find the correct link below. We seek your forgiveness for the inconvinience caused.

Please note all patrons visiting the temple must have a booking on Eventbrite. Due to statutory commitments and in the interest of public safety no walk-ins are allowed. 

Please make the online booking via the following link:

You can still watch the event online,  If you miss out on prior booking. The whole event will be broadcasted live and if you are joining us online please use the link below:

Morning Program: 
4.30 AM –  Mangala Arati
4.50 AM – Tulasi puja
5.00 AM – Japa
7.00 AM – Darshana  Arati
7.30 AM – Class on Srimad Bhagvatam

Afternoon Program: 
4.00 PM –  Kirtan
4.30 PM –  Abhishek by Pujaris or Priests ( the bathing ceremony of their Lordships)
5.00 PM – Presentation by Children
5.20 PM – Offering Gifts and Announcements
5.30 PM – Lila Kirtan by HG Bhurijana Prabhu
6.30 PM – Gaura Arati
7.00 PM –  Ekadashi Prasadam Feast  
8.00 PM –  Clean-up

Please bring a birthday card and gift for Lord Gauranga on this day. You can also get blessings by sponsoring one or more items listed below for the pleasure of Sri Gaura Chandra. For more information regarding sponsorship and service opportunities please contact:

Mithila Sundari Devi Dasi / Rasikananda Das (0424 444 930)
(Festival Co-ordinators).
Sitarama Lakshman das  (0422 045 525) 
Syama Sarana das  (0439 969 002)

Sponsorship Opportunities
Tulasi Arati                 –  $101.00
Mangala Arati             –  $151.00
Raj Bhoga Offering    –  $ 251.00
Cake                             –  $ 251.00
Maha Abhishek          –  $ 201.00
Fruit Offering             –  $ 151.00
Deities Dress              –  $1001.00
Gaura Arati                –  $ 251.00
Hall Decorations        –  $ 351.00
Flowers                      –  $ 501.00
Feast                           –  $ 1001.00
Whole festival            –  $ 5001.00

Please come and join us to celebrate Lord Caitanya’s  535th appearance day.

Thank You
Hare Krishna.

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Janmastami 2020



As you must all be well aware, the COVID situation over East is still deteriorating and can have an impact on us here in Perth in many ways, including Phase 5 implementation being delayed further past Janmastami events.

In light of such developing circumstances, and also to facilitate a safer environment for your visit to the Temple for Janmastami, the Temple Management has decided to have limited numbers attending the Janmastami festival at any given time on the day. We would like to implement this effectively, we will be taking bookings to welcome you for Darshan, Kirtan & Prasdaam on Janmastami day over a 45 min time slot.

The 7 available slots and their booking links are as below. The conditions for booking are:

1. All visitors (including children of all ages) MUST be booked INDIVIDUALLY to attend this event.

2. A person may book for themselves and their family members, but everyone’s INDIVIDUAL name must be provided.

3. Your FULL LEGAL name must be provided for the ticket and not your initiated name.

4. You may only book 1 slot. If anyone books more than once, only their first booking will be honoured and all remaining bookings will be canceled.

5. Please cooperate with us to maintain smooth flow of people at all times.

6. We encourage everyone to utilise hand sanitiser provided at the entrance or wash your hands with soap before you enter the Temple Hall.

7. We encourage you to wear your own masks, but it is not mandatory.

8. If you are unwell or showing any COVID symptoms, the Temple Management reserves the right to cancel your booking at any time. We encourage you to not attend if you are not feeling well, so we can all help each other to keep the community healthy and safe.

Janmastami this year will be quite different to the previous years, and some of the major differences are:


1. Random but compulsory temperature checks may be conducted at any time and entry may be refused.

2. If you have any flu like symptoms on the day or in 2 weeks before Janmastami, or have been around someone who has had such symptoms, we urge you to please not attend the festival and cancel your ticket. This is critical not just to keep other visitors safe, but also contribute towards the protection of the health of our state of WA.

3. Sanitisers will be provided and everyone ‘must’ use them frequently during your visit. For safety reasons, Dhoop Arati will not be offered to avoid any burn risks due to alcohol based sanitising gel on hands.

4. We will have a dedicated team of volunteers regularly using disinfecting commonly used surfaces to prevent any transmission, however, we need all of you to do your part and minimise contact where possible.

5. Everyone will need to maintain social distance, while sitting, in queues, collecting prasadam etc.

6. Parking will NOT be available at the TEMPLE. Everyone MUST park at Kalamunda Water Park (38 Collins Road, Kalamunda, entry off Collins Road) ( or Shire of Kalamunda ( parking. We will be running FREE shuttle services from corner of Collins Road and Canning Road (look for 12 seater vans) to the Temple and back. These will be running with first service from carpark at 3pm and final service back to parking from Temple at 1100pm.

7. The Temple gates will be shut and locked and drop off and pick up facility will not be available at the Temple premises. You will not be able to turn into or out of the Temple as the driveways will be blocked and gates will be shut. This is to maintain control on number of people entering the premises.

8. The shuttle services will only run along Canning Road from corner of Canning Road and Collins road to the Temple and back. No shuttle services will be available around any surrounding streets like previous years.

9. The shuttles will run continuously and may or seating in them may not be socially distanced at times depending on the demand.

10. To minimise touch points, we will not have a manned footwear stall. You will be guided to a small covered area to leave your footwear neatly stacked inside this area. Temple Management will not take any responsibility for any damage or loss to anyone’s footwear.
If you are coming in a group, please ensure everyone in the group has a confirmed booking. Anyone without a confirmed booking will be invited back on a later day, as we will be unable to accommodate any unregistered visitors.

11. Seating inside the Temple will be limited and socially distanced. Mats will be placed at pre-determined positions and must not be moved by anyone.
Each slot will have continuous flow for Darshan, with limited seats available to sit inside briefly for kirtan. The group will then head out to collect their prasadam takeaway boxes, before making their way back to the shuttle to return to their vehicle in the parking.

12. Prasadam will only be served in pre-packed take away containers, one per person. Only those attending will be provided a pack per person for themselves.

13. Prasadam is not to be consumed on the premises or within shuttle buses. It will be provided for you to take home with you.
14. No food will be served in plates or any containers brought in by others.

Free Vegetarian/vegan meal served by Govinda’s – Food for Life (

For donations, please use details below:
Bank Transfer – Here are the details to make bank transfer.
Legal name: ISKCON Perth
BSB: 036-041
Account number: 120564
Please do not forget to send email to with your details and transferred amount.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the coordinator on 0414 941 214 or visit us at or our Facebook page:


* You must book your FREE ticket to attend *

1600 – 1645:
1700 – 1745:
1800 – 1845:
1900 – 1945:
2000 – 2045:
2100 – 2145:
2200 – 2245:

Ecstatic Kirtan || Darshan || Ekadasi Prasadam

For more information on sponsorships or volunteering for the festival, please contact:

Sita Ram Lakshman Das – 0422 045 525
Syama Sarana Das – 0439 969 002
Krishna Bihari Das 0414 941 214

You can still Volunteer!

Please fill-out the Volunteer Registration form to register your interest –

You can also alternatively join Krishna Sevaks Group ( to be notified of upcoming seva opportunities. You may also contact below to register yourself:

Krishna Bihari Das 0414 941 214

Hare Krishna

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